Hourly paid government staff

The Ministry of Defense employs people in positions of hourly paid government staff, in various specializations, 
professions, such as car mechanics, car electricians, tire technicians, car straighteners, car painters, 
telecommunications technicians, optoelectric technicians, welders, machine workers, drivers of heavy vehicles,
 carpenters, storekeepers, waiters, porters, messengers, cleaners.

In the case of vacancies for external candidates, the positions are not published, but a number of suitable 
candidates, who meet the qualifications required by the Position Service Plans, are sent by the District 
Employment Offices. Therefore, every citizen of the Republic of Cyprus, who wishes to be hired by the Ministry 
of Defense in the position of hourly paid government staff, must be registered in the list of candidates of the 
District Employment Offices.

For clarifications, citizens can contact 22807524.