The Academy provides training in the field of security and defence for the Republic of Cyprus so that way be able to respond to new forms of threats, the complexity of modern military operations and the rapid development of technology through its training and education activities on a national, regional, European and international level.

The Academy has the following objectives:

- Contribute to the training and education of National Guard personnel at a strategic level so that they have a comprehensive and modern understanding of leadership, analysis of the international political-military situation and modern methods and processes of crisis management and decision-making;

- Contribute to the training of officers of other security bodies or forces (Police, Fire, Coast Guard, Civil Defence), as well as officials of all agencies of the Republic of Cyprus involved in the field of Security and Defence and who, by their position and capacity, handle issues relating to National Security and Defence;

- Develop cooperation with higher educational institutions of Cyprus and abroad, military academies of other countries, Research Centers and the European Security and Defence College;

- Contribute to the promotion of a common European understanding of the common security and defence policy (CSDP) and the common foreign and security and defence policy (CFSP) with international trainings certified by the ESDC to gradually make Cyprus a central training point in CSDP issues and missions, while highlighting its role as the EU's bridge to the Middle East and North Africa;

- Contribute to the promotion of the European initiative for the exchange of young officers;

- Contribute to the correct communication of issues related to Security and Defence to the entire spectrum of society;

- Develop educational programs with the aim of the best possible and most effective way of exploiting the human and financial resources granted to it to achieve its goals.