Distinguished Delegates,

It is an honor to represent the Republic of Cyprus at this UN Peacekeeping Ministerial Meeting in Accra.

Sincere thanks to the Republic of Ghana and the UN Secretariat for organizing this important event.

At the outset, allow me to pay tribute on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus to all UN service personnel, men and women who have served as peacekeepers around the world, including in Cyprus, to achieve conditions of peace and stability.

We find ourselves at a significant and critical geopolitical juncture.

Our world faces complex, multifaceted challenges that threaten international peace and security.

In the current turmoil and instability, UN Peacekeeping Operations have a vital role to play.

Cyprus has a clear understanding of the necessity and invaluable contribution of the United Nations in the field of peacekeeping.

As one of the longest-running peacekeeping operations in the world, the UN Force in Cyprus retains its significance in maintaining the ceasefire on the island, preventing escalation, and protecting civilians.

The ongoing occupation of part of Cyprus' territory and the constant challenges to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus, and the latest violations within the buffer zone, by the Turkish occupation army, prove that the presence of UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus is indispensable to maintain peace and stability.

UNFICYP’s mandate, as agreed to by the Republic of Cyprus, aims to uphold the UN Charter and implement relevant UNSC Resolutions.

In addition to hosting a peacekeeping mission, Cyprus provides access to facilities and infrastructure to support pre-deployment training and to facilitate military mobility for UN Peacekeeping Operations.

Let me state Cyprus’ support for the implementation of the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda.

We welcome efforts for greater deployment of women in UN Peacekeeping Operations and greater participation of women in Peace Processes.

The UΝ Force in Cyprus was the first UN peacekeeping Force to appoint a woman as its Force Commander and have women lead all its components, political, military and civilian.

In this context, and responding to the call of this Ministerial to strengthen UN Peacekeeping Missions, Cyprus pledges to organize and host three different training courses:

Demining Training,

Seminars dedicated to promoting the Women Peace and Security Agenda and,

Search and Rescue Operations training, including MEDEVAC.

Distinguished Delegates, the Republic of Cyprus will remain a strong supporter of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, acknowledging their valuable contribution to maintaining peace and stability.

Thank you for your kind attention.