In the framework of the ongoing EUNOMIA 4-2023 Ex., naval and aerial forces from Cyprus, France, Greece and Italy are engaged in the Eastern Mediterranean, to enhance their ability to operate jointly and to reaffirm their shared commitment to the objectives of the QUAD Initiative.


This year's Exercise aims to strengthen cooperation and interoperability between QUAD members’ Armed Forces. EUNOMIA 4-2023 includes for the first time, the tactical phase of a Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO).


The NEO Ex. as part of EUNOMIA 4-2023, contributes significantly to the preparedness and readiness of the QUAD members to respond to severe circumstances in the Eastern Mediterranean, within the scope of the QUAD Initiative.


In this context, the four Ministries of Defence and their Military Staff, planned the first NEO Activity among the members of the initiative. This phase will be executed on 14th of September 2023 and aims to increase the level of coordination of QUAD military assets in a NEO operation.


QUAD's joint efforts, including the significant level of commitment displayed by EUNOMIA-23, demonstrates that the QUAD is a successful initiative promoting peace, stability and regional security in the wider area of the Eastern Mediterranean.