On Wednesday 29 October 2020, the Ministry of Defence, as part of its energy and environmental policy, signed an Agreement with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus to replace energy-consuming luminaires in National Guard camps with LED-type luminaires, including eight-year maintenance and recycling management of old luminaires.  


The agreement includes the replacement of 6600 energy-powered luminaires with LED-type luminaires. The first phase of the project where 2200 luminaires will be replaced, begins in November of this year and is expected to be completed in September 2021. Subsequently, the remaining 4400 fixtures will be replaced during the years 2021-2023.  



The replacement of luminaires, according to the EAC study, is expected to have an energy benefit and savings of around 67%.  


The agreement was signed on behalf of the Ministry of Defence by the Director General Andreas P. Loukas and on behalf of EAC by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Professor Michalis Komodromos. ​​