The Ministry of Defense announces that, today from 09:00 to 14:00, the multinational exercise "NEMESIS 2020" was conducted within sea-plots 1, 2 8 and 9 of the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus. Aeronautical units and personnel from Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, France, the USA, Israel, Italy and the United Kingdom, as well as 6 ships of private companies participated in the exercise. 



“NEMESIS – 2020” is conducted for the 7th consecutive year and is part of the proper preparation of all involved, in the implementation of the energy program of the Republic, agencies to confront any distress situation that may occur on a hydrocarbon platform. The general coordination of the exercise was under the Larnaca Search and Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC), in collaboration with the Ministry of Shipping, the National Guard, the Cyprus Police and the Department of Fisheries.



The exercise included counter-terrorism scenarios on a hydrocarbon platform, boarding operations on suspicious boats, ship firefighting,  air-evacuation of trapped and injured persons, a mass rescue operation, as a result of the abandonment of the platform, as well as anti-pollution operations.



For the successful execution of the scenarios, Cyprus implemented and tested 3 Special National Plans (SNP), which are included in the National Master Plan of the Republic, “ZENON”, SNP “ASPIDA” (shield) of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order for the counter-terrorism operations, SNP “TEFKROS” of the Ministry of Defense for the mass search and rescue operations and SNP “ORPHEAS” of the Ministry of Agriculture Rural Development and Environment. The results of the exercise and the field-testing of the forementioned SNPs, will be evaluated and accordingly handled by the involved agencies, to further improve the procedures applied for dealing with distress situations that may occur during the implementation of the energy program of Republic of Cyprus.

In the exercise scenario, 21 maritime units and 12 air assets participated.