The Republic of Cyprus is an active member of the OSCE.


The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which succeeded the Conference for Security and Cooperation (CSCE), is a security organization, of which the Republic of Cyprus is a founding member. It consists of 57 member states and its objectives are:

a. The contribution to the improvement of mutual relations and the safeguarding of conditions for enduring peace in each state.

b. The effort to make recession a continuous, viable and international procedure. 

c. The maintenance of a united and undivided security in Europe and of the common interest, for the development of cooperation between member states.

d. The safeguarding of peace and security in Europe and worldwide.

e. The safeguarding of the sovereignty of economic and social development and of the welfare of nations.

The Organization in order to safeguard human rights and sustainably safety and security, which are its principal  objectives, is based on an institutional action plan, as well as on documents and conventions, such as the Final Act of Helsinki, the Control of Armaments, the treaty on conventional weapons, the Vienna Document 2011, etc.

The Vienna Document 2011 is a politically binding document. It is essentially a Catalogue of Confidence and Security Building Measures (CSBM), including measures regarding the exchange of information and the establishment of communication between member states.


The exchange of information is implemented within specific time limits and concerns among other things:

- The movement of conventional weapons and of relevant technology

- The implementation of the document on small arms and light weapons.

- The Code of Conduct

- Defence Planning and military expenditures

- Global exchange of information

- Communication network

- Implementation of Security Building Measures

- Planning of evaluation and inspection visits


The Republic of Cyprus has been active in the past years, in the framework of the Organization, thus maintaining an extrovert policy in order to promote the interests of the National Guard. Along these lines, Cyprus fulfils its commitments as an OSCE Member - State, which involve the provision of information within specific time limits and the active participation in military activities, conferences and seminars. In order to respond more efficiently to all its commitments, the Republic of Cyprus has appointed a military officer to its Permanent Mission in Vienna, to follow up on OSCE military issues in the Forum for Security and Cooperation.


To this day, the Republic of Cyprus has organised 4 visits to military bases within the framework of promoting Security Building Measures. 

a. In June 2001 with the participation of 42 officers from 27 member states.

b. In June 2006 with the participation of 36 officers from 22 member states.

c. In May 2009 with the participation of 29 officers from 17 member states.

d. In May 2016 with the participation of 30 officers from 18 member states.


Additionally, the Republic of Cyprus occasionally undertakes evaluation and inspection visits to other OSCE Participating States, in the framework of abiding by Confidence and Security Building Measures.


Moreover, Cyprus proceeded with the destruction of 324 Man Portable Anti-Aircraft Missiles 2SA - 7 (MANPADS) of the National Guard. This activity took place from the 9th to the 12th of June 2009, at the firing range of Kalo Chorio, in close cooperation with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.


Finally, in June 2012, the Republic of Cyprus in cooperation with the OSCE completed the destruction of 223.845 rounds of anti - aircraft gun 40mm BOFORS, that were stored for a long time in a military camp in the Limassol Area. The expert team was comprised of The Conflict Prevention Centre of the OSCE, and experts from several Member States of the Organization including Greece, Spain, Italy, the USA, the UK and Slovenia.