The Central Emergency Planning Policy Service (CEPPO) constitutes of a legislative body at the disposal of the Minister of Defence, it appertains directly to him and its jurisdiction includes:

  • The systematic research into the Republic’s needs in of the Services of Emergency Planning Policy and the submission of suggestions to the Minister.
  • The establishment of action plans, in cooperation with the Services of Emergency Planning Policy, which said Services implement in order to support the defence capabilities of the Republic in case of emergency.
  • The establishment of training programs of the Emergency Planning Policy Services in cooperation with the people who lead said Services.
  • The issue of guidelines with regards to the composition and any amendments of the Emergency Planning Policy plans, by the Emergency Planning Policy Services.
  • The submission of suggestions for the implementation of measures that regard the coordination of the different Emergency Planning Policy plans, as well as with other plans and Services that relate to or influence the defence of the Republic, to the Minister of Defence.
  • The monitoring and coordination of the work of the EPP Services, as it relates to the implementation of the Law and the relevant Regulations, as well as of the relevant Ministerial Council Decisions and of the Minster of Defence.