The mission of the Joint Rescue Coordination Center is to organize the Search and Rescue System of the Republic of Cyprus, coordinate and control the SAR operations, aiming the location and rescue, in a timely manner, of persons in distress as a result of air or naval accidents within its Search and Rescue Region of responsibility, which it coincides with Nicosia FIR.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Center was established on the 21st of February 1995, according to Article 6 of the Search and Rescue Law 5(III)/1994, and commenced its 24/7 operation on a trial basis on the 7th of August 1995 as an independent agency of the Air Force Command of the General Staff of National Guard.

Since March 1st 2002, following a decision of the RoC Council of Ministers, the JRCC declares full operational capabilities for the coordination of SAR operations with its area of responsibility and since 2010, it operates as an independent Agency directly attached to the Minister of Defence, who, according to the Law, is the responsible entity for the operation of the Centre. Technical and funding support is covered the Ministry of Transportation, Communications and Works. JRCC, which it is operate on a 24/7 basis, is staffed by well trained personnel of the National Guard, mainly Navy and Air Force.

Additionally to the above and aiming to achieve optimal results with minimum cost, the JRCC has under its command, since 2015 the Coastal Station “Cyprus Radio”, which broadcasts warnings to mariners (NAVTEX) ensuring the safety of navigation within the Region of Responsibility of the Republic of Cyprus, the Cyprus Mission Control Center of the global satellite network Cospas-Sarsat for distribution of satellite SAR alerts and the “ZENON” Coordination Center which operates as a coordination Center for Controlling Migration Flows in Eastern Mediterranean, as well as a National Crisis Management Center during the activation of the National Master Plan “ZENON”.